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Triund trek - beingpahadia
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Triund is a small hilltop, that serves as a trekking destination to many tourists and is located in the lap of Dhauladhar Mountain Range in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It is called Triund because a person can see three stunning snow-covered mountains from that point (Tri : ‘three’ & Und : ‘mountains’). Triund is a small and a bit easy trek, which passes through gorgeous forest consisting of Deodar and Rhododendron trees. The path has some rocky sharp walk with equally attractive view as well. The trekker enjoys the serene beauty of Dhauladhar Mountain Range at one side, and the beautiful Kangra valley from the other.
Location: Triund is located at an average height of about 2,828m above sea level, which is about 18 Km from Dharamshala, and a trek of about 9 Km far from Dharamkot.
The place Mcleodganj, which is the nearest hill station to Triund, in Dharamshala can be accessed by road or by flight from Delhi and Chandigarh. The nearest places to Dharmashala by road are Kangra and Pathankot. One can take direct overnight Volvo or HRTC bus or can hire a cab from Delhi, Chandigarh or Pathankot to Mcleodganj, which are about 489 Km, 243 Km and 88 Km, respectively. The nearest airport is the Gaggal airport (District Kangra), where direct flights arrive from Delhi and Chandigarh. And, from there one can simly hire a cab directly to Dharamkot, (a small village, from where the beautiful trek of Trind starts) or take HRTC bus service from Kangra to reach Mcleodganj. From Mcleodganj, a person can hire a cab or can take a small walk of 2 Km to reach Dharamkot.

What is the best time for Triund Trek?

The best months to visit the beautiful triund are March-June, and September-October. If one wants to visit the place during winter, then December is the best month. So, by taking extra precautions while trekking, one can also enjoy white snow during the winter. The trek remains close during monsoons and harsh winters.
During summers, the day time temperature of the place is about 20-30˚C, and at night, the temperature decreases gradually to about 8-10˚C. During the months from September-October, the day time temperature is about 12-17˚C, and during the night, the temperature drops to 1-2˚C. The temperature can go further down during winters.
  • It is advisable to carry warm clothes to the trek, because the temperature can vary severely at the higher altitude.
  • One should also be prepared for unexpected rains.

The trek to the beautiful Triund is quite easy with some stunning views. The stretch of the trek is about 3-4 hours long. A person can finish the trek within one day, but it is advisable to stay up in Triund for one night to experience the breathtaking views of sunset as well as sunrise. There are total 22 curves in the stretch of about 9 km walk to Triund, which is why it is also well-known as “22 curves”. One can start the trek from Mcleodganj early in the morning after having breakfast, and should carry water bottle, because the walk can be difficult with the scorching heat of sun, when the day comes.

Triund Trek - beingpahadia
Photo source – Instagram – (travelocorn)

From Mcleodganj, there is a small walk of about 2 Km to a village called Dharamkot. If a person wants to rest, can take rest for a while, and enjoy the beauty of majestic Dhauladhar Mountains from there. From Dharamkot, a small stretch of about 1-2 hours leads to a temple called Gallu Devi Temple. The road leading to the temple consists of dense Deodar forests. At this place, the officials will take the details of the passengers trekking to Triund.

To make the trek easy or to save some time, a person can hire a cab from Mcleodganj directly to Gallu Devi Temple. Basically, Gallu Devi Temple is the starting point of the trek. The temple is surrounded by mountains from one side and Kangra valley from other. One can take blessings from the Deity and start there unforgettable journey to Triund.

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From temple, the path leads through a very dense forest of trees like Deodar, Rhododendron as well as Oak. The walk is quite soothing as one can hear the voice of singing birds from the forest. The forest area is very less in the whole trek. The path then gets a bit elevated and rocky, consists of green grazing land. It is a bit difficult walk, but, the beautiful view of the mountains is totally worth it. After covering some distance one can take rest and have refreshments at Magic View Café and Best View Café.

Is there any Cafe in Triund Trek?

Magic View Café and Best View Café, as the name suggest offers the best views of Majestic Dhauladhar Range as well as bird eye-view of the Kangra valley. From there the last stretch of 1-1.5 hours is left.

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From this point, the path gets a bit exhausting as there are steep rocky slopes and elevations, which is energy consuming. While enjoying the beaty of the nature, one must be precautionary about their walk. There are many small tea stalls in the trek as well. The path then leads to the green grassy meadows of Triund top, where a person can camp and get pleasure from the beauty the place is offering.

At Triund Top, one can enjoy the spectacular snow covered majestic mountain view from very close and the bird eye-view of beautiful Kangra valley, International Cricket Stadium and Dharamshala town. A small part of Beas River is also visible from the top. There is a government guest house at Triund, and a tea stall as well. The tea stall offers hot tea, some snacks and Maggie, which one can have while enjoying the beauty of the nature.

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  • The tourists can stay at Government guest house, but they need to take permission from the Forest Department in advance, before planning the trek.
  • Or, they can also carry their own camping tents. But if a person does not want to carry so much weight then, he/she can buy the tents from the tea shop available at the top.

Is Triund worth visiting?

Triund are worth watching, to experience the sunset so close and from the top is an unforgettable memory. At night, people usually light a bonfire and enjoy the view of Kangra Valley beautifully lit, under the starry sky. Another priceless attraction of the place is the early morning sunrise, after which one can have some breakfast and start their journey back to Mcleodganj.

Triund Top
Photo source – Instagram – (travelocorn)

But the trek does not stop here, people who are trek enthusiast can trek further to Lahesh Cave which is 5-6 Km from Triund, and further to Indrahar Pass which is 8-9 Km from the cave. This trek is very difficult and one must have a guide with them.

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