Kamrunag Valley - BeingPahadia
In today's busy schedule, while we are working very hard from morning to evening, we have very little time to recharge ourselves. Unfortunately, we are in that phase where we have to plan these things, especially, so there is some change in our routine. Hi everyone, I am Vaishali, and today, I want to share my experience with you,...
Breathtaking Views on way to Churdhar
The last trek I did was back in November. And, from then I had been eating more than usual – all thanks to experimental cooking during the lockdown. Before starting the trek, I was very confident about my fitness level as walking, exercising and climbing stairs was part of my lockdown routine. But, after trekking for a few hours,...
A beautiful morning it was. Excitedly, I woke up from my bed and started packing for this most awaited journey, I was planning from last 5 months now. Unlike last new year’s eve, I didn’t want this one to be spoiled, just by staying at home, watching tv and doing nothing… But, I indeed wanted this one to be...
Jai Mata Di! This post is about my last trip to Shikari Mata Temple situated at the highest hill of Janjehli valley. The ones who do not know about Shikari Mata Temple and Janjehli, the place is in the upper area of Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. Janjehli is 80 KM from the centre of Mandi city and Shikari...
My stay in Himachal Pradesh lasted approximately 4 or 5 days, where we were residing in Dharamsala and Manali. In those days, I managed to find myself and I managed to find peace and tranquility with nature. Life is undoubtedly made up of small moments that make you feel something special, and for me, those days were. One of...
A bunk day in hills
Ye pahad nahi khote, hum pahadon mein kho jaate hain…. That's exactly what I’ve always believed in. Pahad. Plain. Pahad. Aur bas pahad – that is how I’ve lived a life so far, but the last time I travelled home it was mystical – it took my breath away like it had never before. The mountains have been my home forever,...


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