Ye pahad nahi khote, hum pahadon mein kho jaate hain….

That’s exactly what I’ve always believed in.

Pahad. Plain. Pahad. Aur bas pahad – that is how I’ve lived a life so far, but the last time I travelled home it was mystical – it took my breath away like it had never before.

The mountains have been my home forever, but this time they called me – as I sat by the window seat of the HRTC bus, the breeze so cold, the mountains so high, the trees so green, and the love that’s so pure.

Himachal it is – Dev Bhoomi Himachal!

My first love happened here, I bunked a day from school to visit Tara Devi Temple; those days we had to walk those kilometers but that day when I held hands with a bunch of friends from school this love became a part of me. So, whenever job had me calling from the plains these mountains and those friends had me calling – and here I am back to these friends, like never before. This time I’m staying.

He who doesn’t know about this state of Himachal has missed on a major joy of life – here we wear woolen sweaters all through the year (and yes, Humein bhi thand lagti hai).

Whether it is Shimla, or Manali, or Kullu, or Kangra, or the untouched and unexplored Tosh Valley – heaven is here, and you’re always welcome. We have apples and apple orchards that we boast about; but beyond that we have a culture so pure that you will not take a second to mingle in. Our woolen is genuine so you just won’t go back without one. Our dances are heartiest so step in with us and see how joy takes over a life so monotonous.

We’re here at Himachal and when you’re here with us you’re just as us – Pahadi…

With Love,
Being Pahadia

(Chal rahi chal – teri manzil hai vahin)