siddu in manali
'Himachal Aaye, or Siddu Nhi Khaye?' Most of the people who travel to Himachal might have heard this many times. And yes that is indeed true. Coming to Himachal is not fulfilled until you have tasted the famous local dishes of Himachal Pradesh including Siddu. Though it is famous as a Himachali dish, it is mainly cooked in the upper...
Every Pahadi is aware of mouth-watering snack 'Patrodu' or 'Patrode'. This dish is prepared using the Arbi (Taro root or Eddode in English) leaves. The snack is one of the most famous tea-time snacks in the hills, which you can also eat with roti at dinner. When I was searching for the English name for Arbi, I also got...
Khangri Dham
Himachal is known for its culture, traditions, and food which vary from District to District. The variations are due to geographical and climatic conditions, as well as the way the food is prepared. Although the everyday meal of Himachal is simple like ‘dal-chawal or sabzi-roti’, yet the food prepared during festivals, marriages or during religious & social celebrations/occasions (birthdays,...
Dadunj-galgal ka khatta
As soon as winters arrive, Himachal is the coldest place to be. And, in this cold weather, it is Galgal/Dudunj ka Khatta or Galgal ka Murabba, the famous Himachali daytime snack, that comes to the rescue. The Himachali people are obsessed with this food and always look forward to winter as the time when they can sit under the...


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