Khangri Dham
Himachal is known for its culture, traditions, and food which vary from District to District. The variations are due to geographical and climatic conditions, as well as the way the food is prepared. Although the everyday meal of Himachal is simple like ‘dal-chawal or sabzi-roti’, yet the food prepared during festivals, marriages or during religious & social celebrations/occasions (birthdays,...
In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, the region of Dev Bhoomi offers a culinary experience that is sure to delight food enthusiasts. For those with an appreciation for sweet dishes, Himachal Pradesh boasts many delectable options, and one such renowned traditional dish is Seera. Also read Patrodu : Another Pahari Dish That Everyone Loves Seera is a traditional sweet dish...
himachali dham - sepu badi - being pahadia
Sepu Badi is one of my favourite dishes served in the Himachali Dham. Though not all the districts serve this particular dish, in Mandi you will definitely get to eat it, as the first dish served. Honestly, I only attend all the weddings, so that I can eat this delicious gift of God. But with the lockdown, I could not...
cooking kangri dham
India is known as a land of diversity. This land's diversity is shown in the flavors available in distinctive parts of the country. One of the pertinent reasons for people to travel across the different parts of India is to relish the scrumptious dishes that show the culture. In India, people are bound to be astonished by the food...


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